Mortgage Banking

Mortgage Banking

Sean S. Autry, CPA and President of PlushStone Advisory, Tax, & Accountancy Inc , has spent time in the mortgage industry operationally at the beginning of his career at Home Loan Center Inc (dba Lending Tree Loans), and later spent years as the Director of Corporate Accounting at loanDepot.  Having experienced both mortgage operations and mortgage finance at two of the nation’s largest non-bank direct lenders, PlushStone Advisory, Tax, & Accountancy Inc. is uniquely positioned to advise mortgage company owners through every high and every low the market experiences.

We can serve mortgage companies from small mortgage brokerages with simple operations, to direct lenders having to work through the sophisticated accounting and valuation challenges of Interest Rate Lock Commitments (IRLCs), Loans Held For Sale (LHFS), Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs), or derivative hedge positions like TBAs, swaps, or options.  We bring this experience to our advisory partnership with you, taking the accounting, budgeting, and analysis off your hands so you can focus on market share, growth, and operational strategy.

Mortgage Accounting

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